Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why was IndianActuary.com started?

Welcome to IndianActuary.com, India's first blog dedicated to the insurance industry and actuarial education.

In 2008 Prof. G. S. Diwan (born 1901) was inducted in the insurance hall of fame by International Insurance Society Inc, USA for his selfless service in the field of actuarial education in India. Prof. Diwan was an Actuary and taught Actuarial Science in Sydnham Colledge in Mumbai. He passed away in 1987. International Insurance Society has produced a brief video on the life of Prof. Diwan. This video can be viewed on the society's Hall of Fame website.

On this occasion, a gala dinner and an award presentation ceremony was held in Taipei, Taiwan. Prof. Diwan's son, Mr. Mukund Diwan, who is an Actuary himself and a retired Chairman of Life Insurance Corporation of India, has also made significant contributions in the betterment of actuarial education in India. He attended the award presentation ceremony. In a speech at the function, he assured the society and the audience that India will be a center of excellence for actuarial education.

This website has been launched in honor of Prof. G. S. Diwan and other great personalities who have made or are making significant contribution in the field of insurance in India. It has been conceived as an educational tool for people to improve their knowledge and awareness about:

  • the insurance industry,

  • insurance related government regulation,

  • various forms of insurance products,

  • underlying actuarial science,

  • insurance companies and market practices followed by them, etc.
This website is designed as a blog to facilitate an on-going and open dialogue between various participants in the insurance industry including consumers that buy insurance products.

This website has been launched with a foresight that it will become a preferred forum:

  • to regularly debate insurance industry issues & their resolutions,

  • for consumers to browse readily available information on insurance products,

  • for posting questions on any insurance related matter,

  • for students of actuarial science to interact with each other and with experienced actuaries,

  • for insurance industry new comers to exchange ideas with veterans, etc.
We at IndianActuary.com hope this blog will make a positive contribution in bettering actuarial education in India while, at the same time, sharing insurance industry information with common people.

This website is not intended to compete with either existing insurance related portals or with official websites of insurance companies, insurance industry bodies and associations.

We urge you to read various posts on this blog and share them with your colleagues, friends and family. If you wish to comment on any posts or wish to contribute your own article, please register. If you need help, please send us an e-mail to help [at] IndianActuary dot com. We will respond to you as early as possible.

Thank you for reading. Please visit again. We hope to see you in the near future.

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